Welcome to the Sapphire Index
The Free Place to Advertise Your Nano / Home Small Business


My name is Dom and I have been a Full-Time Carer for a mentally and physically ill family member for just under 15 years. Around 12 years ago I created a small business with the goal of keeping my skills up to date and getting the experience I lacked… it worked!

I am no longer a full-time carer and I can work as much as I want but I have been presented with a new problem… the cost of advertising to promote my nano / small home business. At the time of the creation of this website and service I am being paid $325.00 per week living on NewStart and once I pay my bills I am left with nothing to survive for 2 weeks. Anything else I earn I spend to support the business or pay other bills.

I have created this website and service because if I can not afford to advertise then I am not alone! We need a genuine and honest service to advertise us for free. We are local nano / small home businesses and the public should be able to go to a safe, secure and honest website to look for genuine local nano / small businesses to meet their needs.

Over time this website will be improved and updated with the goal of providing better services but I need to teach myself how to do some things first such as create and manage a database MySQL driven service.

This website and service is not here to advertise or promote medium or large businesses or those with staff and store-fronts. If you can afford a store and staff than you can afford to pay for your advertising. This website and service is here to help the people who are running a business from their homes and especially those people on NEIS (New Enterprise Incentive Scheme) or on NewStart or other welfare payments.

With this stated the businesses who we use (any size) and have earned our respect and trust will be put here so as we have an index of our own as Nano / Small Businesses so we know who to go to for their services. Together we can develop a honest list of Businesses and Service Providers who have earned their place here.