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Message from the Developer

I am (at the time of creation of this website & service) on NewStart and I am being paid $325.00 per week to live (with Rent Assistance). I have a Home-Operated Small Business so I can use and grow my skills and earn experience. I am running my Home-Operated Small Business at a loss to prove I want to work and I have real-world marketable skills. I am literally putting my money where my mouth is to prove my worth to an employer.

I do not want to fit into the “dolebludger narrative” and a lifestyle of nothingness which is so easily passed around by our politicians and the real people exploiting unemployment in industries like Job Services and now Job Active. I have not once been helped by Job Services or Job Active who can’t even be bothered to give me one interview with a real employer. I have always found my own employment but the real leeches are there to claim their rewards, rewards they did not earn and never have. I have worked any job I can over my working career such as Security Operations, Dog Handling, Slaughtering (one of the worst jobs in Australia), Electrical and Technical Trades, Security Technical Trades (fired for being too Intelligent) Caring and Stepping in as a Manager at a Motel until the owners sold their Motel and retired.

All I see are businesses and staff who need constant unemployment so they have their contracts and their jobs. The unemployed are the “product” these business and staff require. It is a constant stalemate because if everyone who is unemployed was employed tomorrow what would the businesses and staff under Job Active do? They would be unemployed and they would need to apply for NewStart.. how ironic. They would need to sit on the other side of the table and suffer the shame bestowed on us! Can anyone who is unemployed imagine a world without Job Active and what could be done with that 1.5 billion per year? Job Services and Job Active have had their chance to do something for 25 years and I do not see any benefit to decreasing unemployment. All I can see is unemployment that is out of control. It is an industry profiting from unemployment and pretending to help as they benefit from it. Could you imagine what it would be like to see that 1.5 billion per year used to make real jobs or create a desalinisation plant and pump fresh & clean water into rural Australia? We can only dream!

Employers want people with experience, but how can we get that if the private recruitment businesses including businesses and companies under the umbrella of Job Active will not consider us? For some, like myself, the only way to get the experience we need is to get it ourselves the hard way with a small business. We are not rewarded for developing or having a small business, and in my experience, the staff under Job Active only want to persecute or demoralise us for our actions so we close our small businesses down. No matter the cost to us, we must be made to fit into the “dolebludger narrative” that suits their industry and helps keep them in a job.

I am tired of companies and businesses treating unemployment as an industry where they profit and gain with their jobs and stable incomes, while we are left unemployed and are treated like we are dolebludgers or people in a sub-class of society. For many of us our only crime is being poor, too old, or rejected for the limited and few jobs that are available. We are living in a country with a failing economy entering a recession where corporate & political greed, political mismanagement of national funding, and money-grubbing has left its mark.

What happened to the days we as a country looked after each other, supported ourselves and relied on each other through our own industries to provide for ourselves? What did the men and women in two world wars fight for, if not our freedom to support ourself and remain a self-sustaining and supporting country. Did they not fight for and die for us to be free of the tyranny and greed that has brought us into a failing economy and on the verge of the worst recession in our national history?

People who are poor and decide to do something for themselves, need to be able to advertise, but it is almost impossible on NewStart with what we are paid… I know! What else can we do with the absence of the jobs and industries we need to support ourselves, where unemployment is a profitable industry? Those who want to work and can't because of the lack of employment opportunities, are left with one option which is make our own opportunity.

We have developed a Small Business so we at least have one opportunity to work in the only capacity we can until something better comes along, or we make it on our own! Is it not better we try and have a go rather than lie down and be told how we are the problem, when we are labeled as dolebludgers, drug addicts, alcoholics, criminals and leeches on society as the people who made the real problems divert the attention from themselves and place it on us?

I have created this website and service because if I can not afford to advertise then I am not alone and we need a genuine and honest service to advertise us for free. We need a service free of 3rd Party Advertising and we need people to be able to find our Local Home-Operated Small Businesses and our Services in a simple index.

The public need to be able to look up a Local Home-Operated Small Business now more than ever, so the money is not sent offshore or into a money-grubbing corporation and it is kept locally where we need it the most. We are entering a recession because of the failing economy our politicians, leaders, and large money-grubbing corporations have enabled and we have to keep as much money as we can locally. Our leaders and politicians will not do anything until the failing economy and recession starts to affect their bottom lines or that of their corporate rich friends. Our leaders live in their own worlds where they work and are paid for life even when they leave, so they can never understand the people who are the providers on the ground in Australia or who work for a Small Business, a Farm or themselves and struggle each and every day.

To see the effects of the failing economy and the first stages of the recession, all I need to do is drive around my local city and see all the business stores for lease as we have lost those businesses. I have taken the time to drive to other rural cities and townships throughout Queensland, and it is happening everywhere with the loss of our local small, medium and large businesses. As a small business owner, this worries me to the point I often wake up wondering how I will afford tomorrow or put food in my cats bowls.

Like so many others I need more work, stable contracts or to be employed, so I can solve my poverty and exit NewStart and simply work to earn my living. I can not change the world with this website or service, but if it can be used to help one person get the work and business they need which changes their world, then enduring the expense this Website, Service and Domain is costing me while I am living below the national poverty line on NewStart is well worth it for that person.

The people here are the Local Home-Operated Small Businesses and the public should be able to go to a safe, secure and honest website to look for us and our services. Over time this website will be improved and updated with the goal of providing the best services I can (This is already a complete Recode with a Recode Version above).

I need to improve with personal development and training so I learn how to develop the services required, such as creating a database driven MySQL Website via the WebServer this website is hosted on. To get to the stage of working with a MySQL (My Structured Query Language) WebServer and having a website capable of performing the functions required, I have had to pay for so many additional components which is very hard on NewStart.

The “Recodes” are a part of this process as I free this website of all constraints in preparation for the necessary services and functions it will need. I have already paid more than I can afford with Credit Cards to get the IDE (Integrated Development Environment), the Development Apple iMac Computer I refurbished and the Additional Development Software to build the best Website and Service I can.